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Import less than 300 pages

Written by James Valent
Director of Support at MindTouch

You have just received your MindTouch site, set up your first users and authentication, and configured the appropriate restrictions. Now it is time to import your content. If you have less than 300 pages of existing content to import into MindTouch, we recommend a manual copy and paste import.

Copy and paste your content

Don't have much content? If so, MindTouch recommends spending the time to manually copy this content into your MindTouch site.

When importing content into MindTouch, there will likely be some cleanup (formatting or otherwise) needed along the way. Manually copying and pasting smaller amounts of content is the easiest way to ensure that your team has had the chance to comb through your existing documentation, making sure that it is up to date and in alignment with your current documentation standards.

When performing manual copies, MindTouch highly recommends copying the text at its source and using the Paste as plain text or Paste from Word function icons in our editor to paste the text into a MindTouch page:

paste as plain text and paste as word text icons.png

Using the MindTouch paste functionalities allows HTML, which may not adhere to internet standards, to be stripped out, helping to ensure clean and optimal data behind the scenes.

  • Paste as Plain Text  paste as plain text icon.png
  • Paste From Word  paste from word icon.png