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Find and replace text on the page (SAP)

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Written by James Calleja
Former MindTouch Employee at MindTouch

The find and replace tool is useful for searching and replacing text within your MindTouch TCS content. This tool is usable in Source mode to search for code. You can access the find and replace tool through keyboard shortcuts or the editor itself.


Via keyboard shortcuts

To access the find and replace tools, Create or Edit an article, click on the content, and use these keyboard shortcuts:

Shortcut Description
Open the find text search bar.
Open the find text search bar and replace text input field.


Via the editor toolbar

While editing your content, click the Find icon   to access the find input field. To access both the find search bar AND replace input fields, click the Replace icon  .


Find text via the editor

After opening the find text tool, enter a search term into the search bar and click Find (or press Enter) to search. The results are highlighted within the editor.


There are three filters you can apply to your search results: Case sensitiveWhole word only and Wrap search.

Condition Description
Case sensitive Search results are determined by letter case.
Whole word only Search results are determined by the search term as a whole.
Wrap search Determines whether the text search stops at the end of the document or returns to the beginning to search the document again.

Replace text via the editor

If you found any results from your search, enter any text into the replace field, and click Replace to replace the search results. You can also click Replace all to replace every search result.

Find and replace text in source mode

Use the find and replace tool in Source mode for finding code and text.

To view pages in source mode, click View Source. 

Click the Replace icon  to open the find and replace tool.

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