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Add a video using the third-party embed code (SAP KC)

As a best practice, MindTouch recommends hosting videos with a third party host, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, etc. From there, your video host can provide embed code that is browser and plugin independent, and is future compliant with HTML and CSS. MindTouch allows authors to embed this third-party code through the same video dialog that is also used for it's native player.

How to add third-party embed code

Each third-party video hosting provider will have their own embed code available to be customized. In this example, we will be using Vimeo's embed code.

  1. Copy your third-party embed code.


  1. Open the editor for the page you wish to place the video on. 
  2. Click the Video icon found in the editor toolbar.

Video button in editor toolbar

  1. Inside the video dialog, click the Embed tab, and paste your code in the textbox.

Video dialog > embed tab

  1. Click Insert video to embed on your page.

Screenshot of an embedded vimeo video player on a MindTouch page

Troubleshooting note for Brightcove customers

For customers that use Brightcove to host their videos and have an SSL set up for their site, Brightcove's native JavaScript embed code does not support HTTPS. There will be many customers on modern browsers that won't be able to see these videos because of a mixed content type (HTTPS vs HTTP) restriction in their browsers.