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Set up SAML SSO for C4C (SAP KC)

Follow the instructions below to establish SAML SSO for C4C: 

  1. Verify you can start a manual SAML SSO session


    Once SAML is set up,  visit the following:

    https://[YOUR MINDTOUCH SITE]/@app/login/redirect 

    A SAML session should be issued.

  2. Verify logging into C4C logs in MindTouch

    Log in to C4C. Open a new browser tab and visit the following:

    https://[YOUR MINDTOUCH SITE]/@app/login/redirect

    That link should redirect to MindTouch without requiring a username/password, since the session with C4C was set up earlier.

  3. Set up an iFrame SAML login in C4C

    Within C4C, create a hidden iframe with the following contents:

    <iframe src="https://[YOUR MINDTOUCH SITE]/@app/login/redirect"></iframe>

    This will force a MindTouch login.

  4. Only load the iFrame when necessary

    In the HTML mashup, check whether the user is logged into MindTouch. If they are not, create the iFrame as below:
    url: '',
    dataType: 'jsonp',
    success: function(data) {
        // if the user Anonymous, create iFrame as above
        // after iFrame loaded, issue default search