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SAP Knowldege Centeral by MindTouch to Responsive upgrade (SAP KC)

DEPRECATED! This page has been deprecated. Content on this page is no longer supported. Please contact Support or search our Success Center for supported solutions.


Upgrade your SAP Knowldege Centeral by MindTouch instance to a MindTouch Responsive interface to take advantage of our latest features. Through this upgrade, MindTouch provides assistance and training to guarantee a successful launch. Below you can see the steps you will be involved in during the upgrade process.

Customer Actions 


Attend training with MindTouch. This is optional and provided weekly over screenshare. There are 3 sessions and each is 1 hr.  (Beginner, Author, Admin)

Step 1:

Receive MindTouch Responsive staging instance for Branding.

Step 2:

Brand MindTouch Responsive Staging instance

  • Apply Logo

  • Add CSS styles

  • Apply Header/Footer


MindTouch will update the site structure to the responsive layout.  

(May turn site to read only for a short time)


Owner: MindTouch

Step 3:

Short meeting to review and walk through Responsive structure (cloned instance).

Step 4:

Copy branding from the Staging instance (Step 2) to your production instance.

Step 5:


  • Send communication internally and externally about launch. (Newsletter).