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site/settings (GET) (TCS)


Retrieve all configuration settings

  • REST Method: GET
  • Method Access: internal

Query Parameters

Name Type Description
names string? (Requires inclusion of properties) Comma separated list of names of properties to return. The entire value should be URI encoded including the commas. Use '*' at the start or end of a name for wildcard matches. Default: all properties
authenticate bool? Force authentication for request (default: false)
include string Optional parameter used to include anonymous user and license information (possible values: anonymous, license, properties). By default we do not include them.
contentcutoff int? (Requires inclusion of properties) Only show property content shorter than this number of bytes. Default: 2048

Return Codes

Name Value Description
OK 200 The request completed successfully
Forbidden 403 MindTouch API key or Administrator access is required.
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