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Map content IDs to F1 contextual help (TCS)

Content ID Mapping allows you to create links and to manage the articles they resolve to within MindTouch.


The Content ID Mapping provides flexibility for users implementing MindTouch Contextual Help to allow them to add generic URLs/URIs within their application/site and then manage the relationship for those links within MindTouch through the Content ID Manager. 

When to use this feature?

When deploying MindTouch Contextual Help, the default deployment is to use a hard coded link and our javascript embed to load the article.  When adding the links into your application or site, you want to decrease the need to have to update.  


Support plans
Review the type of support your MindTouch support plan covers and what to expect from our support agents.
This document reviews terminology that is used within MindTouch that is unique to it.
What version of MindTouch am I using?
MindTouch has had five major releases over the years. Not sure which you are using? The table below and subsequent sections are your go-to source to ensure you are taking advantage of the right support and documentation. Note that early versions of MindTouch are deprecated and are no longer supported. This article identifies some key differences among the MindTouch major releases.
GeniusLink for Salesforce (TCS)
This guide will walk you through configuring your MindTouch Customer Success Center with your Salesforce CRM. There are three parts to the MindTouch GeniusLink configuration.
GeniusLink for Salesforce Installation Guide (TCS)
This guide reviews how to install MindTouch GeniusLink for Salesforce.
GeniusLink for Salesforce User Guide (TCS)
This article reviews the benefits and how to use GeniusLink for Salesforce.
Integrate chat (TCS)
Integrating chat with your MindTouch site will allow you to engage with your visitors to provide a better customer experience. These articles are most valuable Support Agents and Site Owners.
Integrate web analytics (TCS)
MindTouch provides integration with web analytics applications to provide additonal insight about your users and their interaction with your documentation. These articles are most useful for Subject Matter Experts, Content Managers and Site Owners.
Google Analytics (TCS)
Integrate Google Analytics with your MindTouch TCS site to get web analytics around your documentation.
Omniture (TCS)
Integrate Omniture with your MindTouch Help center to get web analytics around your documentation.
Webtrends (TCS)
Integrate Webtrends with your MindTouch TCS site to get web analytics around your documentation.
Integrate with your CRM (TCS)
Take advantage of all that MindTouch has to offer by integrating with your CRM.
CRM integration points (TCS)
Give the power of MindTouch to your sales, support and marketing teams.  GeniusLink provides easy-to-use instructions to add MindTouch to your CRM and ticketing system.
Integrate with SAP (TCS)
SAP provides an intuitive interface for your agents to interact with your customers through multiple channels including social media. Integrating MindTouch with SAP will allow your agents to have automatic recommendation of solutions from the MindTouch Help center in the SAP interface.
MindTouch integration points (TCS)
Give your customers, prospects and partners an interface to file tickets and suggest articles from MindTouch.
Integrate your marketing tools (TCS)
If you have a Marketing Automation solution, you can integrate it with your site to increase visibility into your prospect's and customer's interaction with your documentation. These articles are most useful for Administrators.
Integration: Best Practices (TCS)
Find guidance on achieving superior results with MindTouch Best Practices. Our Best Practices are your authoritative source on successfully leveraging the power of your content.
Integrate contextual help (TCS)
MindTouch contextual help allows application vendors to instantly add a contextual help system to their web applications. This guide shows you how to set up F1 contextual help for your site and customize the look and feel to match your brand.
Enhance with APIs (TCS)
Enhance your site with the MindTouch API documentation.
$files (TCS)
This page contains a list of all the API methods in the "$files" category.
Security: FAQs (TCS)
Have a MindTouch question? Likely you are not alone. Peruse our FAQs to find answers to the most commonly asked questions.
Configuring Search Recommendations
Learn how to configure Search Recommendations within the MindTouch Control Panel to enhance your search experience. This video is 3:55 in length, was created on 7/12/2014, and is most useful for site owners.
Utilizing Reports
Understand how to utilize reports within MindTouch to track the progress of your documentation community. This video is 5:58 in length, was published on 7/9/2014, and is most useful for Site Owners.
Understanding Site Privacy
Understand the first level of privacy and security settings within MindTouch by establishing your overall site privacy. This video is 2:26 in length and is most useful for site owners.
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