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Learn about the responsive interface

This page applies to:MindTouch Responsive

Engage more customers and prospects through their preferred channels of learning. The MindTouch responsive user interface (UI) automatically provides an optimized experience for phones, tablets and desktops. The responsive UI is a MindTouch layout that automatically adjusts based on what device your customers are using to connect to your MindTouch site. 

Roll-Out Considerations

How does the responsive UI impact my SEO?

On April 21st, 2015, Google altered the way they index webpages to emphasize the use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. By upgrading to the MindTouch responsive UI, you will be able to take more control of your brand and push competitors out of your Google results. 

This means that your MindTouch site, in addition to already being an SEO power house, will now rank even higher in Google search results. 

How does the responsive UI impact my customers?

The responsive UI allows your customers to use your MindTouch site natively on their mobile phone, tablets and desktops. If you choose to upgrade to the responsive UI, your customers will experience a new layout that is noticeably different than that of MindTouch 4 and MindTouch TCS. Before you direct your customers to the upgraded responsive UI, you should apply your company branding and custom domain. If you don't have resources to brand your MindTouch site, you can leverage our certified partners

How does the responsive UI impact my employees?

The responsive UI will drive additional employee adoption of your MindTouch site. Your sales reps and sales engineers can access MindTouch on road via mobile devices. Your field agents and destination reps can use MindTouch natively on their iPads while servicing your customers.

For those employees who have the ability to contribute content (pro-members), the editing experience is only accessible through the desktop interface.  

Should I train my team to use the responsive UI?

You should plan to train your Support Agents, Sales Engineers and Technical Writers on the new visual layout. It is recommended to train your employees once you have completed your branding and applied your custom domain

During your upgrade, your content structure will remain in tact so you will not need to retrain you employees on the structure or orientation of your knowledge assets.  

What is the timeline to fully realize the value of the responsive UI?

New Deployments:  MindTouch manages a guided launch success plan that is led by industry leading experts in the fields of customer success and customer engagement.

Upgrades:  The process of upgrading to MindTouch responsive will require approximately two weeks to complete. The following tasks will need to be completed prior to go-live.

  1. Contact your MindTouch Account Manager to coordinate your upgrade.
  2. Contact the MindTouch Customer Success team and request a temporary site clone.
  3. Convert your MindTouch landing pages (Portfolio, Category, Guide) to responsive.
  4. Apply your company branding using your web developers or engange professional branding service.
  5. Contact the MindTouch Customer Success team to point your customers to your MindTouch responsive site.

How do I know we have successfully adopted the responsive UI?

You will know that your company has successfully adopted the MindTouch responsive UI when your customers, prospects, field agents and sales reps can utilize your MindTouch site via their mobile phones and tablets.  

You will be able to confirm that your effort is paying off if you see an increase in customer engagement. You can monitor customer engagement through Google Analytics and MindTouch reports.

User Interface Walkthrough


  Function Description Additional Documentation
1 Navigation and Breadcrumbs
  • Clicking the file icon will open up to display you content in a page tree format.
  • As you navigate through the site you will also see breadcrumbs based on which Portofolio/Category/Guide you are under.
2 Search
  • You can find a search bar on the top of every page of your site.  This will make it easy for your users to find what they're looking for.
3 Tools
  • Your pro-member toolbar will display different options such as:
    • Page Options
    • Site Tools
    • Editing Options
    • User Options
4 Responsive
  • Your Responsive UI will not only work for mobile phones, tablets, and every screen size.  It will also dynamically resize if you have to reduce or expand your browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the responsive UI supported by the MindTouch Customer Success Team?

Yes, please review the Customer Success Center's Self-Service Branding Overview article to understand the extent of branding support.

Can the responsive UI be configured or customized?

The Responsive UI can be configured and customized and branded in many different ways. Please review our articles on Custom Branding and updating your site logo.  

Does the responsive UI have any limitations that I should be aware of?

The Responsive UI adheres strictly to the MindTouch content structure framework. That means if your pages do not have the correct article type they will not display in different areas making them difficult to find. It currently does not support certain areas that the previous MindTouch version supported such as: PDF generation, Popular Pages, Header/Footer displaying on a mobile device, and a side tray.