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Access your site over SSL

This page applies to:MindTouch Responsive

This article reviews various considerations to take into account when accessing your site over SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). All MindTouch sites requires an SSL certificate.


SSL Types

The most common SSL covers a single domain such as

Subject Alternate Name (SAN) SSL certificates can contain several domains such as and SAN certificates are not the same as Wildcard SSL certificates; Wildcards cover all subdomains (e.g. *

 If you are using the F1 Contextual Help implementation, a specific Subject Alternate Name (SAN) SSL certificate is required. 

SSL Considerations

Configuring an SSL with a custom domain

When configuring your MindTouch site with a custom domain (e.g. and an SSL for your custom domain, the complimentary https://* domain will no longer redirect to your custom domain. If your site is utilizing a custom domain without an SSL, then the complimentary https://* domain​ will redirect accordingly.


MindTouch requires that SSL certificates be SHA-256 compatible. Please be sure your SSL is created with this encryption level support.

Server type

SSL providers often request what type of web server the SSL will need to be generated for; in these instances choose an option for Apache.

Forcing all traffic to HTTPS

To ensure all of your site traffic is secure, once your new domain is in place along with your SSL, note that all traffic will be forced to HTTPS.

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