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Controlling access to your content

Written by James Valent
Director of Support at MindTouch
This page applies to:MindTouch Responsive

This article reviews the various levels of access control to your MindTouch content. This includes access to the article and the level of contributions users and groups can have within that article.

Levels of content privacy

There are three (4) levels of content privacy in MindTouch:

  1.  Site privacy – determines if a site can be viewed by the public or requires authentication.
  2.  User and group roles – controls the tasks users and groups are allowed to perform site-wide.
  3.  Page access – controls public access to the page.
  4.  Page permissions – controls the task a user or group is allowed to perform on the page.

When determining the various access levels, think about privacy from the top down.  So what really happens when you're setting the privacy for a specific page? Let's revisit the first rule from our site privacy documentation.

  NOTE:  The control panel grants site-wide abilities; a page restriction limits page access and permissions.


If you are logged in as an admin user (not the site admin) and want to remove yourself from a page's permission list, you will need to either be logged in as a different admin account or have the site admin remove you from the permission list for that page. Our system has been designed with a fail-safe that will add the user back in the permission list if that user tries to remove him- or herself from the list.