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Embed a search Touchpoint

This page applies to:MindTouch Responsive

This article provides steps for embedding the MindTouch search Touchpoint


Embed the search Touchpoint

Step 1: Copy the embed code

Note to user   NOTE:  Skip this section if you already have copied the code when creating your Touchpoint.

  • From the Site tools menu on the MindTouch toolbar, select Control panel.
  • Navigate to System Settings > Integrations > Touchpoints.
  • Scroll to Currently enabled Touchpoints, select your Touchpoint and click Copy code to clipboard.

Screenshot of the search Touchpoint embed code

Step 2: Embed the search Touchpoint

  • Navigate to the page on which you want to embed your search Touchpoint.
  • Decide where on the page you want to add the search Touchpoint.
  • If necessary, consult with your product developers to access the HTML of your web application.
  • Paste the embed code directly into the HTML of your web page or application.

Screenshot of embedded search touchpoint code

Step 3: Test your Touchpoint

  • Open your web page or application.
  • Type a search into the search bar.

Screenshot of a search touchpoint example

  • Verify the search takes you to the MindTouch search page.

What's next?

Explore the contextual help button touchpoint.

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