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Create and configure a search Touchpoint

​Connect your users across multiple site properties by adding an embeddable search Touchpoint that will funnel them to your support documentation.

important note   After creating and configuring your search Touchpoint, don't forget to embed your Touchpoint.  



  • Admin access to your site's control panel
  • Touchpoint enabled on your site
  • SSL (HTTPS) set up for your site

Create and configure your Touchpoint 

  1. Login to your site and and click Site tools from the MindTouch toolbar. 
  2. Select Control panel.

Shows what the Site tools menu looks like

  1. Navigate to System Settings > Integrations > Web Widgets.

Screenshot of the web widgets section in the control panel

  1. Click the Search Touchpoint link to expand the configuration form.

Screenshot of expanded view of the search widget so each field is visible

  1. Enter the appropriate information into the Touchpoint configuration form fields:

Field name

Field description
Name Use this field to give your Touchpoint a unique name so it is easier to identify.
Host This is the hostname or domain where your will embed your Touchpoint and allow it to be used. You may use comma separated hostnames and wildcards. 
Path The URL path inside your MindTouch site you want to be searched. You can start at the home page (default) or restrict your results to a particular hierarchy. 
Input hint This is the helper text that appears inside the search field. The default text is "Search."
New browser tab Select whether you want to open the search results page in a new window/tab.


  1. Click Add this widget
  2. The Widget created dialog appears displaying your Touchpoint configuration.

Screenshot of the widget created dialog


Review created Touchpoints 

In the Currently enabled web widgets section, review your Touchpoint configurations and their embed codes.

Tip note    Copy the embed codes of any newly created Touchpoints before moving on to embedding the widget.

Screenshot of the created web widget in the currently enabled widget section of the control panel

What's next

Learn how to embed your search Touchpoint in your site or web application.

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