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Search Touchpoint

The search Touchpoint is a self-contained search field that can be embedded into any site or web application that allows your users to enter search queries and be redirected to your MindTouch search results page. This search Touchpoint allows for the funneling of your users, across multiple site properties, to your help documentation. Use this Touchpoint to help your customers feel confident about their purchase decision, encourage self-help opportunities, and increase traffic to your site to improve your help content's domain authority.

The search Touchpoint on a page

The search Touchpoint consists of an input field, with placeholder text generated from the Touchpoint configuration, and an icon button to trigger the search.

A rendered search web widget

How the Touchpoint works

When a query is entered and the search button clicked, the user is redirected to your MindTouch site's search results page where the query results will appear.

Screenshot of search results  

What's next

Learn how to create and configure a search Touchpoint for your site.



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