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The search-in-place Touchpoint

theresa manzo
Written by Theresa Manzo
Product Manager at MindTouch
This page applies to:All MindTouch Versions

The search-in-place Touchpoint is an embeddable, self-contained search field customers can use to search your MindTouch product documentation from any of your web properties or web applications.  This article provides an overview of MindTouch search-in-place Touchpoints—their use cases, how customers experience them and how they are implemented.

When to use search-in-place Touchpoints 

Use search-in-place Touchpoints to engage your customers along the entire customer journey:

  • Create self-help opportunities for users to reduce agent support (support site)
  • Allow customers to verify product information at checkout (e-commerce site)
  • Provide additional details on functionalities to turn users into product experts (support site)

Example use case

Your customer has visited your e-commerce site and has found a great product to buy. The customer adds your product to the shopping cart but all of a sudden has last-minute questions about the product. The customer is ready to leave your site to start a search in the browser's search bar but then notices the search bar of the search-in-place Touchpoint in the shopping cart. The customer enters a question into the search bar and finds an article listed in the results list that seems to answers the question. Indeed, the information in the article confirms the buyer's decision to purchase, and so the buyer places the order.

How customers experience the search-in-place Touchpoint

The following steps describe how your customers experience the search-in-place Touchpoint:

Step 1: Interacting with the Touchpoint 

Your customers notice the Touchpoint's search bar on your web page:

Screenshot of the search-in-place touchpoint

There is a fixed amount of white space below the search bar (determined by the Touchpoint configuration) to display search results.

Step 2: Searching with the Touchpoint

Customers enter a search term, and the Touchpoint returns product pages that live on your MindTouch site and are relevant to the search.

Screenshot of the search-in-place touchpoint results

Step 3: Viewing more content 

Customers have the option to view additional results or enter a different query.

Screenshot of the show more link in the search-in-place touchpoint

Implementing search-in-place Touchpoints

Implementation of search-in-place Touchpoints requires the following:

  1. Creating and configuring a Touchpoint.
  2. Generating an embed code.
  3. Placing the Touchpoint in your web pages or applications. 

What's next?

Learn how to create and configure search-in-place Touchpoints for your site.