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Contextual help button Touchpoint

Written by Theresa Manzo
Lead UI/UX Designer at MindTouch
This page applies to:All MindTouch Versions

The contextual help button Touchpoint creates a help button that triggers a contextual help dialog so that your users can read help documentation without leaving your external website or application. For ecommerce sites, if you notice a point along the purchase path where buyers seem to abandon their carts, include a contextual help button to a helpful article that will reinforce/justify their purchase decision or provide additional information about that product in order to complete the transaction so they don't need to leave the context of their shopping cart. You can also use contextual help buttons on your marketing site to provide additional information for featured products.


The Touchpoint on a page

When users click an contextual help button, the Touchpoint generates an contextual help dialog (see below) populated with product content from your MindTouch site. The dialog presents users with a pre-selected page from which they can navigate through your MindTouch content to learn even more about your product.

The configurable dialog controls include navigation buttons for moving forward or backward through the site, going to the home page, or opening the article in a new window or tab. There is also a search field to help your users find more information.

A screenshot of an F1 contextual help dialog

How the Touchpoint works

The embed code for this Touchpoint renders an HTML button that, when clicked, opens a dialog displaying help documentation. Since this Touchpoint only renders one button with one URL, you need to create multiple Touchpoints for each article you wish to reference.

Tip note   If you would like to use a large number of contextual help buttons throughout your site or application, instead of generating a new Touchpoint for each help button, we recommend using our simpler contextual help Touchpoint.

Clicking a contextual help Touchpoint button

Use this rendered button to trigger the contextual help dialog.

Screenshot of an F1 contextual help button

Opening a contextual help dialog

The configurable dialog controls include navigation buttons to help your users explore your help documentation.

An F1 top navigation screenshot

  • Back moves you backward in your contextual help dialog viewing history.
  • Forward moves your forward in your contextual help dialog viewing history.
  • Home takes you to the Home page of your MindTouch site.
  • Open article opens a new tab or window to the current article inside your MindTouch site.
  • Search lets you search for additional information inside your contextual help dialog.
Searching inside an contextual help dialog

The contextual help Touchpoint dialog allows users to search your MindTouch site for additional content without leaving the context of your site or application.

Screenshot of search results inside an F1 dialog

What's next

Learn how to create and configure the contextual help button Touchpoint on your site.