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Understand page ratings

This page applies to:MindTouch Responsive

Receive feedback from your community around your documentation through Page Rating.  

Rating a page

In order for a user to rate a page, they need to be logged into MindTouch. It is restricted so that you get quality feedback as opposed to having a spam bot hit your documentation and provide inaccurate feedback. At the bottom of any article, the user can provide feedback to the question Was this article helpful? by either clicking the smiley face (Yes) or the sad face (No). By clicking either icon, the user has an opportunity to provide additional feedback:

Default feedback

This feedback by default will be sent to the Admin of the site, but you have the ability to configure the email address for user feedback  in the Control Panel.  The email could be a group alias or even point at a task management system where you can manage the feedback from your site.

The "Tell us how we can improve our search results" feedback box also goes to the same email address listed in the Control Panel.

Rating reports

You can monitor the rating on your documentation through the Community Scoring report.

What's next

Feedback is a great way to start crowd-sourcing improvements to your documentation. If you have a very active community, then you may want to consider allowing active users contribute to your documentation through moderated contributions. For more information fill out our contact form .

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