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Incorporate customer feedback into your content workflow

The most powerful and useful content feedback comes from your end users. Whether it's from your customer, partners, sales reps or support agents, it is crucial to act on your customer feedback. At MindTouch, we use a "knowledge queue" to ensure that all feedback (both internal and external) is queued and acted upon. 

To configure your feedback email to point to a group email address or to a ticket management system such as SalesForce, Zendesk or YouTrack, follow these steps.

Note to user  NOTE:  Typically, ticket management systems will provide an email address for ticket creation.  

  1. Configure your MindTouch email address (Control panel > Configuration > Email Address for User Feedback) for user feedback to
  2. Set up your ticketing system so that any emails sent to are added to a queue.  
  3. Require your authors to review the queue daily or weekly and take ownership of the feedback.
  4. Use your ticketing system to report on KQ MTTR (mean time to resolution), KQ activity, completion ratios, author activity and more. 
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