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Configure a "Request an Article" workflow (legacy)

This page applies to:MindTouch Responsive

This article outlines how to create a form you can implement on your MindTouch site that allows your customers to provide additional feedback on current articles or request a new article.


Although these steps can be completed by just copying and pasting all the provided code, to modify the form HTML and CSS experience is required.


How to create a "Request an article" workflow

Step 1: Import the article request page

  1. Download the request an article.mtarc
  2. Navigate to the page where you want your form to live.
  3. From the MindTouch toolbar, select Options > Import here.
  4. Navigate to the downloaded MTARC and import.


Step 2: Verify your form

You should see the following page imported into your MindTouch site:


Step 3: Access form configurations

  1. From the MindTouch toolbar, select Site tools > Control panel.


  1. Under System Settings, select Integrations

system settings_integrations.png

  1. Under Workflow Configuration (legacy), expand the Request Article Button Behavior section.

geniuslink configuration_request article.png

Step 4: Configure your form

  1. Enter a URL for the Button Destination. This can be your home page or you can create a custom thank you page.
  2. Check the Send Email checkbox.
  3. Enter the email address of the recipient(s) in the Email Recipients section. (You can enter multiple emails separated by a comma.)
  4. In the Subject section, enter the following: 
Article Creation Request: {{SUBJECT}}

Note to user  NOTE:  The Subject field can contain data from the form by including the name of the input field with double curly braces (example: {{INPUTNAME}}).  

  1. In the Email Body section, enter the following HTML code:
<b>Article Creation Subject:</b> {{SUBJECT}} <br/><br/>  
<b>Article URL:</b> {{URL}} <br/><br/>       
<b>Category:</b> {{ISSUE}} <br/><br/>                 
<b>Submitted By:</b> {{NAME}} ({{EMAIL}}) <br/><br/>         
<b>Description:</b> {{DESCRIPTION}} <br/><br/>

Note to user  NOTE:  The Email Plain Text Body field does not allow for HTML elements.

Step 5: Test your form

  1. Fill out all the required information.


  1. Verify the user whose email address you entered received the following email: