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Manually redirect a page

This page applies to:MindTouch Responsive

A redirect allows visitors to your site to be redirected from a non-existing or no longer valid page to an existing, relevant page. Help improve your overall site health and clean up any broken links or 404s (pages not found) you may have encountered through running your web analytics. Manual redirects are also helpful if you want to guide your customers to a central page for unsupported or deprecated content (view an example of a central deprecation page). 


Add a manual redirect​

If you need to redirect a user who visits a non-existent or no longer valid page A to page B, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have editor permissions on the pages you want to redirect.
  2. Enter the URL for page A in your browser's address bar.
  3. If page Ano longer exists,  the editor opens automatically. If page Astill exists, click Edit on the MindTouch toolbar. 

Make sure to edit the pages in Live mode! Redirecting is not supported in Draft mode.

  1. In the editor toolbar select View > Source.
  2. Copy the following code into the page.
#REDIRECT [[path/to/page]]
  1. Replace  path/to/page with only the path of page B. Do  not include the domain and do not remove the double brackets!
    For example, if the URL of page B is, the path of B is location/B (everything after the first forward slash /).

important note   If the destination path contains punctuation or special symbols, the redirect will fail. Navigate to the page and edit the URL to include letters only.

  1. Click Save.
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