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Create new pages from your custom template

This page applies to:MindTouch Responsive

You have created a template, but now would like to use it whenever you create new pages. For page templates to be selectable from the New page gallery (accessed by clicking New on the MindTouch toolbar), configure templates as follows:


  1. Select Site Tools > Dashboard from the MindTouch toolbar. 


  1. Under Content management, click Template directory.


  1. Locate your existing template and click the pencil icon.


  1. In the template properties dialog, update your title if necessary and add a template description.
  2. Select the New Page radio button and click Update template properties.


  1. Verify your custom template is designated as a New Page template in the templates list. 


  1. Click New on the MindTouch toolbar and verify your custom template appears as a new page template. (You may have to check the Show all <x> available templates checkbox to see your custom template.)