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Paths FAQs

This page applies to:MindTouch Responsive

This document contains a running list of questions regarding MindTouch Paths. Please make sure to read through our path documentation in addition to this list before submitting a request to Support or your Customer Success Manager.

Frequently asked questions

Click the links below to view answers to our most frequently asked questions about MindTouch Paths:

► If a user clicks a search result or a direct link to get to an article that is included in a MindTouch Path, will that user see the Path navigation on that page?

No, they will not. A user navigating to a page that doesn’t have the correct path URL parameters will only see the article as a regular page.
► Are articles in a MindTouch Path indexible by internet search engines? 

The individual page will be indexed, but it's canonical (preferred) URL will register with search engines as a regular MindTouch page, not as part of a MindTouch Path. The page will be displayed with its default navigational elements based on your content hierarchy.
► Are articles in a MindTouch path indexible by the MindTouch search engine?

MindTouch Path URLs contain parameters that determine how that page should render (with or without path controls visible) which are not indexed by the MindTouch search engine. The article will only be indexed by its position in your content hierarchy.
► If a single article is included in multiple MindTouch Paths, does the user see the navigation elements for ALL the paths it belongs too?

The MindTouch Path's URL parameters define which path it needs to render navigational elements for. Users will only see one set of path navigation elements.
► If an article within a MindTouch Path has been deleted or its redirect broken, is the link still visible to the customer and/or in the path manager?

If a page has been deleted or its redirect broken, a normal user (not pro member) will not be able to see it in the path. The page will still be visible in the path manager > edit view so it can be fixed or removed from the path. The only exception to this rule is if a pro member does not have permission to view that page. In this case, the page will not be viewable anywhere.
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