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Manage paths

theresa manzo
Written by Theresa Manzo
Product Manager at MindTouch
This page applies to:MindTouch Responsive

Create and manage new and existing MindTouch Paths in the path manager.

Navigate to the path manager

  1. Navigate to Site toolsDashboard

dashboard selected on the toolbar.png

  1. Under the Content management section, select the Path manager link.

Sections of the path manager

The path manager is the dashboard for all MindTouch paths on your site and consists of two sections: a form where to add new paths and a table listing existing paths to manage. The path manager allows you to do the following:


Filtering and sorting paths

There are two ways to make finding your paths easier: filtering paths and sorting paths.

Filter paths

Filter paths by searching for keywords.

Filter paths by using the label drop-down list.


Sort paths 

Sort paths by Title, Name or Label by clicking on the arrows in the table column headers.


What's next

Review our best practices on path creation.

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