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Manage drafts via the draft manager

This page applies to:MindTouch Responsive

A healthy publishing workflow always starts with draft creation. As a content manager, you will need access to this content in an organized and simple interface. The MindTouch draft manager is a great way to track and manage drafts for both new and preexisting content across your MindTouch site.


Access the draft manager

You can access the draft manager in two ways. 

Via the dashboard

1. On the MindTouch toolbar, navigate to Site tools > Dashboard.


2. In the dashboard, select Draft manager.


Via the page banner

Click View all drafts here in the page banner.



Filter your drafts

There are two ways to filter your drafts: by article type and by directory.

Filter by article type

The draft manager page automatically displays every draft page on your site, in alphabetical order.

Draft manager search page.png

Filter by Article type to narrow your search results:


Filter by directory
  1. Adjust the search filter by clicking the directory link:


  1. In the Browse tab, select a directory:

Link picker.png

  1. Alternatively, in the Search tab look for specific pages.

link picker search.png

  1. Click Use selected to view your results.