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Which subpages show up in a detailed category?

This page applies to:MindTouch Responsive

With the option to chose between a simple and detailed category in MindTouch, it is important to note the advantages of both. The simplicity and minimalist design of a simple category is self-explanatory, but, depending on your users' search preferences, the possibility of a detailed category adds another level of flexibility that can also be easily appreciated. Detailed categories automatically displays up to five (5) subpages, but the rest can be found by expanding the ellipsis icon. 

Detailed category subpages

Categories can be layered within one another to create many, easily digestible, subsections for your site. A category page displays category and guide subpages within the detailed category box. Even if other types of articles exist underneath the category page, they will be hidden from the detailed view. Only the direct subpages are displayed, even if other category and guide pages exist lower down in the hierarchy. 

Detailed guide subpages

Guide pages are a great location for lower-level articles, i.e. topic, how-to, and reference articles. A guide subpage in a detailed category displays these lower-level articles if they are direct children of the guide. The guide also displays any non-classified articles. 


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