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Understand user types

Written by James Valent
Director of Support at MindTouch
This page applies to:MindTouch Responsive

MindTouch consists of two user types: community members and pro members. As you get started with your MindTouch site, it's important to understand to what extent each user type can contribute to your site. Pro members, for example, can be assigned various roles with various associated abilities, while community members can not.

Roles are initially assigned in the control panel but can be overwritten on a page-level by assigning  specific user roles and group roles on pages, sections andhierarchies.


Community members vs. pro members

  • Community members are your customers or end users. Community members can read and provide feedback but cannot edit or create content on your site.
  • Pro members (also known as a seated users) are your internal users or contributing subject matter experts. Pro members can edit and author content, although they can be restricted from viewing and editing specific content.
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important note   If you want a community member to be able to edit or author content, you must reassign the community member as a pro member in the control panel and then assign the appropriate contributor role.

Considerations on assigning the admin role

Before assigning users an admin role, consider the following:

  • Users who are assigned the admin role at the control panel level (individually or through group membership) can see all content, cannot be restricted from any pages and have access to the control panel. 
  • Users who are assigned the admin role at the page level (individually or through group membership) can perform admin tasks on those pages only. Page-level admin privileges do NOT grant access to the control panel. 


What's next

View our article on assigning the appropriate pro member roles and associated tasks.