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Create a user group

This page applies to:MindTouch Responsive

This article outlines the steps for creating user groups in MindTouch. Groups are an imperative component to allow team contributions and to restrict access to internal-only pages.

If you have set up groups via your IdP to allow single sign-on (SSO) authentication, you must create the same groups in MindTouch to allow users access. You must name the MindTouch groups exactly as they appear in your IdP. 

Why should I create user groups?

Create groups to control access to your pages and to minimize user management efforts:

  • Set up teams of collaborators and contributors and assign specific levels of access.
  • Keep proprietary or sensitive information from users who don't need visibility or access.
  • Avoid time-consuming user management. (Groups allow administrators to apply user changes globally via the control panel instead of having to make changes to individual pages.) 

Applying roles to a group may affect an existing user's role. Be sure to read our documentation on understanding user types and pro member roles


Create user groups in MindTouch

To create users, follow these steps:

  1. On the MindTouch toolbar, select Site tools > Control panel.

screenshot of accessing the control panel to create groups

  1. In the control panel, under Users & Groups, select Groups.

screenshot of the groups link in the MindTouch control panel

  1. Click Add Groups.

Screenshot of how to add groups in the MindTouch control panel

  1. Create one or multiple groups in the Groups dialog as needed:
  • Enter the group name(s).

Ampersands (&) in group titles are currently NOT supported.

  • Assign the Role for the group or groups.

Users are granted the highest of their assigned roles (whether individual or group ) across the entire site.

  • Choose the group Authentication.
  • Click Add Groups.

Screenshot of the configuration dialog when creating groups in MindTouch


Although community members can be added to groups, the role of a group only applies to pro members in that group.