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Configure basic site settings

Written by Kristina Bethea
Customer Success Engineer at MindTouch
This page applies to:MindTouch Responsive

If you are an administrator, you will be able to configure your site to your liking via the control panel. In MindTouch, it's simple to make universal basic configurations changes such as changing the site name, time zones, notifications and more.The control panel is accessible to admin users only.

  1. From your site, navigate to Site tools > Control panel.


NOTE: Only admin users have access to the control panel. If you cannot access the control panel, speak with to your system administrator to make you an administrator and obtain access to the control panel.

  1. Under System Settings, select Configuration.

configuration option selected under sytem settings.png

NOTE: System Settings is available for site-wide configuration changes, and any updated information that is saved is immediately effective.

  1. In the Site Options section, there are four options you can select for your site.

  • Allow anyone to create a community member account – anonymous users can view your entire site and can self-register for an account.
  • Make site private (users must sign in) – your entire is site private and anonymous users are required to log in to access information.
  • Disable page notifications – all page notifications are disabled across your entire site.  Users will not receive any notifications if checked.
  • Disable page ratings for anonymous users  if unchecked, anonymous users will be able to rate pages (if your site is set to public).

NOTE: You can check more than one option.

  1. Enter your site name as you want it to appear in the browser tab.


  1. Choose the Site Timezone that appears on various interfaces such as in the site's revision history, site history, and reports. 
  2. Designate your Email Address for User Feedback. Users page ratings and feedback are sent to this address.

NOTE: By default, feedback is sent to the site owner's inbox.

  1. Enter your Page notifications 'Reply-To" Email Address. You will receive updates from "no-reply@<your domain>." 


  1. Customize your help link
  • Enter a Label to change the default title of your help link (set to "Support" by default).
  • Enter the URL of the help link where you wish to redirect users when clicked. 


  1. Click Save.

What's next

After you complete your basic site configuration, go ahead and make further changes to customize your site:

  • Check out our branding section for CSS code that can be added to Custom Site CSS in the control panel.
  • Implementing a logo on your site is crucial and beneficial for brand recognition. Your logo will be displayed across your site in the upper left-hand corner in the header. Take a look at this article as it will take you through a step-by-step process to customize your site logos.



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