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What version of MindTouch am I using?

​MindTouch has had five major releases over the years. Not sure which version you are using? The table below and subsequent sections are your go-to source to ensure you are taking advantage of the right support and documentation. Note that early versions of MindTouch are deprecated and are no longer supported.  

If you need assistance with identifying the version you are using, please contact MindTouch Support.

Release dates, deployment and support

Version Description Release date Deployment Supported through
MindTouch Responsive A responsive and reactive support platform that opens up your support website to all devices. June 2015 SaaS only Present
SAP Knowledge Central by MindTouch An pro-active support platform for integration with SAP Cloud for Service and SAP Cloud for Social Engagement. May 2014 SaaS only Present
MindTouch 4 A pro-active support platform that delights your users. No longer sold. March 2013 SaaS only Present
MindTouch TCS A technical documentation platform. No longer sold. 2010 SaaS only Present
MindTouch Platform Deprecated. An on-premise collaboration suite. No longer sold.  2008 On-premise only Not supported
MindTouch Core Deprecated. An on-premise lightweight community version of MindTouch Platform. No longer sold. 2006
On-premise only Not supported

Check the control panel

If you have been designated site administrator, you can determine your MindTouch version through the MindTouch control panel.  Depending on the version you are running, you should see the control panel under the Site tools or the Tools menu.  

If you do not see a link to the control panel, it is possible that you do not have administrative rights. You may want to check with the site owner to determine if you are an administrator or not. 

Check for visual indicators

If you do not have access to your control panel, you may want to simply take a look at the interface you are using. Below are some examples and characteristics of our currently active major releases: MindTouch TCS, MindTouch 4, and MindTouch Responsive.

Please keep in mind that many MindTouch customers employ completely custom branding that may eliminate the ability for you to associate your site with a particular major release. 

Version Key Indicators
MindTouch Responsive
  • Has a Draft interface
  • Related articles are at the bottom of your pages
  • The user interface changes as you change the width of your browser
SAP Knowledge Central by MindTouch
  • Related article appear in the right-hand panel
  • Gray appearance
  • Has comments and/or attachments tabs
MindTouch 4
  • Related article appear in the right-hand panel
  • Gray appearance
  • Has comments and/or attachments tabs
MindTouch TCS
  • Light blue background
  • Tree menu appears in the left-hand panel
  • Edit page and New page links are visible to all users
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