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Support Plan FAQs

The MindTouch Support team exists to help customers succeed. In some cases this may mean advising you to take an alternative approach or reassigning to another agent. In other cases, your inquire may be beyond the scope of supported material. This article answered the most commonly asked questions regarding MindTouch Support. 

How does my case get reassigned?

At MindTouch, your case may be reassigned based on the context of the inquiry or the duration of the resolution.  A Level 1 Support Agent will assess all new cases and attempt to resolve or further diagnose your issue.  If your inquiry is regarding a topic that is beyond General Application Usage, your case will be reassigned to a Level 2 Support Agent.


*Includes support for built in DekiScript functions and their parameters.  Does not include code reviews, code testing or development.

How many versions of MindTouch are there?

Version Description Release Date
MindTouch Responsive A mobile-ready customer success platform, which provides an intuitive self-service content structure to ease your customer's journey. SaaS only. 2015
MindTouch 4 A pro-active support platform that delights your users. SaaS only.  2013
MindTouch TCS A technical documentation platform. SaaS only. No longer sold.  2010
MindTouch Platform An on-premise collaboration suite.  No longer sold. Not supported. 2008
MindTouch Core An on-premise lightweight community version of MindTouch Platform. No longer sold. Not supported.   2006

What is not covered by Support?

The MindTouch Agents are trained in Level 1 (Application Users) and Level 2 (Power Users) Support. In some cases, your inquiries may extend beyond the topics that are supported by the Level 1 and Level 2 Support Agents. Below is a list of common inquiries that cannot be addressed by Support Agents and require different resources.

Issue / Inquiry Resource
Support for MindTouch Core / Platform MindTouch Core is not supported.
Custom Design

MindTouch does not create or provide designs. 

Customizing Templates 
  • Content Templates - Level 1 Support
  • Branding Templates - Level 2 Support
  • New Page - Not Supported
  • Functional Templates - Not Supported
  • DekiScript Code Reviews
  • DekiScript Testing
  • DekiScript Development

If Support can’t help me, what are my options?

The MindTouch Agents are trained in Level 1 (Application Users) and Level 2 (Power Users) Support. If your inquiry cannot be addressed by MindTouch Support Agents, you may need to pursue an alternative approach. Both Level 1 and Level 2 Support Agents can provide recommendations to alternative approaches that fall within the support scope. 

How do I contact MindTouch Support?

Medium Link / Contact Required Support Plan
Documentation Any
Create a Case Standard, Premium or Enterprise
Email support [at] mindtouch [dot] com Standard, Premium or Enterprise
Chat Log into Premium or Enterprise

Toll Free: (888) MINDTOUCH

Local: +1 (619) 795-8459


How are Support requests handled?

When a Support case is filed with MindTouch, the case will be assigned and responded to within the Initial Response Time defined in the customer’s Support Plan.  

If a customer calls into MindTouch Support and has phone support included in the Support Plan, a case will be created on their behalf in the MindTouch Support Portal. If the question can be answered by the Agent on the phone without requiring additional research/reproduction then the case will be closed in the Support Portal recapping on the solution provided on the phone.

What is the initial response time?

Initial response times for cases are based upon the Support Plan and are relative to the hours of operation for MindTouch Support. Please view the response time according to your Support Plan below:

Standard Premium Enterprise
3 business days 1 business day 4 business hours

How are issues classified by MindTouch?

Development Classification Legal Term Definition
Show-stopper Downtime Site unavailable
Critical Malfunction A function that is not executing at all. The term malfunction is used to classify the impact of an Issue in order to properly triage it for support.
Major  Defect A function that is executing but is producing a system or application error during the execution. The term defect is used to classify the impact of an Issue in order to properly triage it for support. 
Normal  Enhancement A capability that is included in the default offering but is difficult to accomplish
Minor  Feature A capability that is not included in the default offering

How does my support case get prioritized?

Support cases at MindTouch are first prioritized by your Support Plan (Standard > Premium > Enterprise) and then by the timing of your case submission. This means that all Enterprise cases are prioritized above all Premium cases and all Premium cases are prioritized above Standard. This also means that a Standard case submitted one hour ago will be prioritized above a Standard case submitted 10 minutes ago. 

What is the MindTouch Support process?

At MindTouch, we pride ourselves in offering exceptional support that is focused on the success of our customer. We have fine tuned our support process to provide an exceptional experience that gives you the fastest and best support we can offer.  


I have a Standard or Premium Support plan which doesn't come with phone support. Why is a MindTouch Support agent calling me?

While your support plan does have limitations on how you contact us, we have intentionally chosen to NOT limit how we contact you. This may mean that our agents opt to call you directly, engage in a chat or even screen share. We believe that the best support is fast and effective, and we encourage our support agents to use all the tools in their toolbox (phone, chat, screen share).  

This still means that only customers with Enterprise Support can call us directly. If you call us and you don't have an Enterprise Support plan we will create a case on your behalf that will be triaged and prioritized according to your support plan. 

Can MindTouch access my site for troubleshooting purposes?

If MindTouch Support is unable to resolve your issue during a screenshare, a Support Agent may need authorization to access your site directly for further review. All access by MindTouch Support Agents or developers requires authorization via the MindTouch Security Access form. Customers can provide read-only access, or authorize modifications for the sole purpose of supporting your site in any or all of the following areas:

  • Modify pages
  • Modify or add users
  • Modify or add groups
  • Modify permissions

The MindTouch Security Access form must be signed by a Support contact, and will be kept on file.

A Support contact can optionally provide a security passcode to keep on file. If provided, all site modifications made by MindTouch Support Agents and/or MindTouch Developers will only be performed when the Support contact verbally confirms their security passcode. The security passcode follows the Support contact--not the customer's company. 

What is the MindTouch philosophy for customer support?

We believe that customers should always receive the fastest and highest quality support we can offer.  Even though your case may take some time to get to, you'll still receive the same level of quality support that all MindTouch customers have come to expect.  This means that even though your support plan may not allow you to contact us using chat or phone, we may just give you a call or chat with you if we believe it's the best way for us to help you out.  

My case was submitted as a feature request. What should I expect?

MindTouch is a very robust product, though there are some cases were our software may not be able to achieve every use case. If this is the case, then a MindTouch Support agent will submit a feature request on the customer's behalf.

The MindTouch Product team handles all feature requests and has a process for triaging, scheduling, developing and testing all product enhancements.  The MindTouch Product team responsibilities include features, bugs, scalability, reliability, performance, security and more.  That being said, it is possible that your feature request takes months to implement or may be rejected completely.

My inquiry requires a level of support that I don't have. What are my options?

Unfortunately our support agents are unable to assist you with issues that are beyond the scope of your support plan. Even though your issue may not be resolved, there are a still couple things that support agents can do to help you out:

  1. Upgrade Your Support Plan – If you are interested in increasing your support plan, support agents can redirect you to your account manager who will be able to process your request.
  2. Request a New Feature Support agents can submit your inquiry to our product team to see if they can provide an enhancement that would make it easier for you accomplish your task.  
  3. Request Documentation Support agents can forward your issue to our technical writing team to see if they can produce documentation that will help you through this issue. 

When can I expect issues to be resolved?

The MindTouch Engineering team works on a two (2) week iteration cycle. For all bugs, with the exception of Show-Stopper, MindTouch will report and schedule the issue in the next iteration. This means that the bug may be resolved on your site at the absolute earliest in two (2) weeks and may extend beyond two (2) weeks depending on the scale of the issue. Your Support Agent can inform you as to when the next iteration is beginning. 

Is MindTouch Platform supported?

MindTouch Platform is not supported.  For more information on MindTouch product versions please review the following article:

What information is required for me to create a case?

At MindTouch, our support process has been streamlined to get your inquiry to the right person as fast as possible. Without the right information, we can not properly triage your case. As such, we have implemented a Case Quality Policy in order to expedite and effectively resolve your issue. The Case Quality Policy requires that you provide, at a minimum, the following information:

  • Your email address
  • The description of the issue you're experiencing
  • The URL of the page where you experienced the issue

If you do not meet the requirements of the Case Quality Policy, your case(s) will be given a status of Blocked-Customer and you will be notified by an agent that you have not met the minimum requirements to submit a case.  

Examples of case descriptions that do not meet the requirements of the Case Quality Policy include:

  • "Help"
  • "Call me"
  • "Fix this"

How do I report a bug?

If you believe you have identified a bug in MindTouch, please create a case with MindTouch Support detailing the steps to reproduce the bug. A Support Agent will then review the steps and confirm if the issue is a bug, feature request, or misconfiguration on the user’s end. If it is deemed a bug, then the Support Agent will file a bug on behalf of the customer. The resolution of the bug will be dependent on the severity, the current state of the development cycle, and impact on the deployment base.

What is Basic Support?

Basic Support was a support plan that was made available to all MindTouch customers including those that use MindTouch Core and MindTouch Platform. In April, 2013 Basic Support stopped being available. Customers who currently have Basic Support are no longer granted access to a Support Agent. Customers who have Basic Support have to utilize for assistance. 

If you wish to upgrade your support plan please contact your account manager today at +1 (619) 795-8459. 

What US holidays are Support Agents unavailable on?

MindTouch Support hours are Monday through Friday 6 a.m. PST – 5 p.m. PST.

Holidays observed by MindTouch when Support is closed:

  • New Year’s Day (observed)
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • President’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Day after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day (observed)
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