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Access the MindTouch Community

The MindTouch Community is an area for MindTouch users to interact with one another to discuss best practices, and tips and tricks. In short? It's a forum. In addition to discussincg MindTouch, valid support contacts within a customer's organization can review their support cases. For full details on using the MindTouch Community, click here.


Who can access?

While the MindTouch Community can be accessed without logging in (coming soon!), users must log in in order to ask questions and review their support cases.

How do I gain access?

While registration for the MindTouch Success Center ( is open, MindTouch Community users must currently be enabled by the MindTouch Support team. Please contact MindTouch Support today to request access.

How do I see my cases?

Users who are listed as valid support contacts with MindTouch Support also have the ability to view their Support {{tickets}}. If you do not have access to review your {{tickets}}, contact MindTouch Support to request additional access.

To do so, click on your username, and then My Cases and Activity:

The next screen displays your profile, along with the Activity and Cases tabs. The Activity tab displays recent discussions interactions:

The Cases tab display your various {{tickets}}. Keep in mind that you can sort by any of the available columns:

Within each {{ticket}} you can add an update to a {{ticket}} by adding a comment, access or upload new attachments, and review the original {{ticket}} request.

Adding a comment to a {{ticket}} that is already closed will reopen the {{ticket}}. 

Depending on your support plan level, you may have various contacts in your organization who are able to create new {{ticket}} requests. Please contact our support plan documentation for more information. Need to change your organization's contact list? Simply reach out to our Support department, and we'll be happy to make the change once verified by a current authorized contact.

Ready to get started? Visit the MindTouch Community now!

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