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View user contributions

This page applies to:MindTouch (current)

This article reviews how content managers can view the specific changes specific contributing users have made to MindTouch pages. Through the inclusion of Edit summaries in the report, content managers also have the opportunity to review specific reasons behind changes (as long as authors are diligent in using the Editor summary function. 

Only pro members have access to the user contributions report.


What does the user contribution report show?

 The user contribution report gives insight into the following for specific users:

  • Pages created
  • Page revisions
  • Page restriction
  • Pages moved
  • Pages renamed
  • Attachments changed
  • Tags changed
  • Pages reversed
  • Editor summaries

View your own contributions

Click on your user name on the MindTouch toolbar and select My Contributions.

user contributions 01.png

View another user's contributions

Step 1: Access the contributions report

Navigate to Site tools > Dashboard > Reporting and click on User contributions.

user contributions 02.png

Step 2: Specify a user 

  1. Enter a Username and click the magnifying glass or press Enter. You can also use the MindTouch auto-complete option that appears as you type in the user's name.
  2. Click on the username to display the results.

user contributions 03.png

Step 3: Review the user's contributions 

Results are displayed by date. The report lists the title of the revised pages, the time the revision occurred, the author's display name (if the user has set one), and the details of the most recent changes.

user contributions 04.png

If multiple revisions occur to a page on a single day, the details of those revisions collapse into a single row. To expand and see all details of the revision, click the time stamp.

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