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Track changes via revision comments

In addition to offering complete version control via page Revision history, MindTouch offers document change control. Editors can attach revision comments to document any changes made to content. 

Revision comments can be used to distinguish between multiple concurrent edits and keeping track of what sort of changes happened on a page. Revision comments are also useful to note why a change is made. Comments are displayed in a page's Revision history and in Subscription notifications. If the page has been subscribed to, the subscription email will include the summary of the edit, so it is an ideal tool when keeping multiple people informed about a collaborative effort.

Add revision comments

  1. Open the page to be edited in Edit mode.
  2. Edit the page as necessary.
  3. At the bottom of the page, in the Edit summary text field, document your changes and click Save:


View revision comments

  1. Navigate to Options > Revision history.
  2. Locate your comments under the Revision summary column:
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