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Filter content to classify and tag

This page applies to:MindTouch (current)

Whether your goal is to add, rename, or delete classifications or tags from existing content, the page classification manager filters allow you to quickly find the content you want to manage.

Why you should manage your classifications and tags

Properly classifying and tagging your content helps improve your user's search experience and can increase your SEO. Classifications help structure your content, while tags are necessary to recommend relevant and related articles to your users and improve search results.

Filter your pages

In the page classification manager, select one or more of the following filters: 

  • Classifications (A)
  • Tags (B)
  • Location (C)

You must select at least one classification or tag to be able to filter by location!



The page classification manager displays only the first four classifications.

Not sure whether all your changes were applied? Click Refresh to update the table with the most current changes.


Looking for pages that were never classified or tagged?

No problem. Select Not classified from the respective drop-down list(s), and MindTouch will display all your unclassified, untagged pages.


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