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Back up your content

If you are restructuring your site or heavily editing content, you may want to back up content onto your computer or an external drive. MindTouch makes backing up your content easy by allowing you to export and re-import content as an MTARC. 

Exporting and importing pages via MTARC is intended for page files that are 50 MB or less. If you plan on moving content larger than 50 MB, contact MindTouch Support.

Export an MTARC

To export content, click Options Export. Check the Export all children of this page as well checkbox to export the current page (or category or guide) along with its subpages. Click Download the exported file to download the MTARC onto your computer.

Import an MTARC

Should you ever need to re-import your backup files, navigate to the location in your site where you want to import and click Options Import here. Click Choose File, find your downloaded MTARC file(s) and import as prompted.

What happens to my links?

When importing pages all links from within the context of the import will be updated to reflect the current path where the content is being imported to. Any links that reference content outside of the context of the import will continue to point to the original content.

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