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Authoring workflow for version control

Some workflows require you to maintain an archive of older versions of documents (such as release notes). With its user-friendly copy function, MindTouch allows the maintenance and archiving of your document versions.

In MindTouch, only pro members can create or edit content, no matter how you ultimately draft or author content. To protect your content, community members can only view content, not author or edit it. 

Set up version control

  1. Navigate to the most recent version of your page.
  2. Copy the page into the same hierarchy and rename as newest version.
  3. Set the newly copied page to Private (via Options > Restrict access). 
  4. Have editors and contributors subscribe to the section in which the versions are housed so that they are notified of changes.
  5. Allow your contributors to make appropriate changes (if external users need access, permission the appropriate groups on the pages or sections). 
  6. Have editors and contributors subscribe to the pages so that they are notified of changes.
  7. Optionally use custom classifications such as "Edit," "Review" or "Publish" to indicate a page's workflow status and manage pages via the page classification manager
  8. Once the new version is approved, publish the page as Public, Semi-Public or Semi-Private, depending on your page restrictions.  

If your site is set to Semi-Public, you will have to specify the user or group roles on the individual pages or sections--no matter what role they are assigned in the control panel.

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