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Copy large sections of content

The MindTouch Customer Success team can leverage proprietary tools to assist customers facing large scale copy challenges.

The Copy page function in MindTouch is intended to copy up to 30 pages as needed but is not geared for large-scale content copies that may be required to create a new content version (i.e. "Branch"). The MindTouch Customer Success team can leverage proprietary tools to assist customers facing these challenges.

There are a few required steps to ensure that all relative links within the copied section will maintain their path. As these steps will require coordination both with the customer's documentation team and the MindTouch Customer Success team, we recommend customers request section duplication two weeks in advance.

  1. Submit a support ticket to the MindTouch team with the following:
    • Source URL (source to be copied): 
    • Destination URL (location to be copied to):  
    • *Username / Password of Duplication User:
      *The MindTouch Customer Success team will utilize this user when performing the duplication. As this user will show up within the page revision history, we recommend using a descriptive username (e.g. "MindTouch Duplication"). This can be a new or existing user and we recommend a non-descriptive password; if necessary use a password based on
  2. Receive a link analysis report. The MindTouch Customer Success team will then generate the following two reports:
    • Broken Links: shows all links that point to pages that were deleted or have not been created
    • Non-Relative Links: shows all links that point outside of the selected section; indicates links which will not be updated by copy process.

      This report is provided as a courtesy to inform what links will not be modified in the large section duplication. Only links relative to the current copied section are modified to point to the newly copied section. Links that point outside of the copied section are not modified.

      Depending on the size of the content you'd like to copy, these reports can take some time to complete. We aim to provide these to you within two business days of your request, and in most cases even faster.

      You can then review the reports, and if needed, fix any links in the reported areas. Once the links have been reviewed you can simply contact MindTouch Customer Success to proceed with the content duplication request. In order to complete your content duplication, MindTouch Customer Success requires at least 3 business days notice for steps 3 and 4.
  3. Pages are updated. In order to preserve the integrity of links for the content duplication, MindTouch Customer Success will run a script to edit all pages in the source section using the user specified in step 1. This script will edit each page in the section, and save without any changes. During this save, any links which point to redirects will then be updated to point to the final redirect target, thus eliminating links to redirects in the source section.

    Depending on the size of the content you'd like to copy, this script can take up to two business days to complete.
  4. Pages are copied. MindTouch Customer Success will then perform a content copy to the target location specified in step 1. This content copy will include the following:
    • Latest version of each page in the source section
    • Latest version of each file in the source section
    • File descriptions
    • Tags
    • Page permissions


  • Any links within the original section will link to the equivalent pages within the duplicate section. Any links that point outside the section will still point to the same pages.
  • Guide links within category pages will not be updated and must be manually updated by the customer.
  • While link targets (i.e. href attributes) are updated with this process, link title attributes will not be updated.
  • Redirects are not copied into the new target location.
  • Category and guide thumbnails will display the original source content; these will need to be manually corrected in the new target location.
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