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Add a knowledge base page template (TCS)

This page applies to:MindTouch TCS


In May 2011, we created a knowledge base template you can use in your everyday documentation. Use the following steps to add that template to your new page selector modal. 


Step One - Navigate to the Templates Page

tools - templates.jpg

Step Two - Find the Knowledge Base Page Template

kb page template.jpg

Step Three - Edit the Page Template Properties

Templates - kb page template modal.jpg
Templates - KB template page new page.jpg
see the change

Step Four - Go Back and Try to Create a New Page Using the Newly Available Template

MindTouch Help - new page tempalte picker modal.jpg


New kb page template.jpg

What are the benefits of this feature?

When you create new pages in MindTouch, you can now select the knowledge base article template. 

When to use this feature?

If you want to create a central knowledge base of troubleshooting topics, use this feature. It tags and formats pages conveniently for you. Use this feature in tandem with creating a knowledge base guide which will help you easily roll all knowledge base articles into a single guide page. 


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