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Update page thumbnails and summaries (MT4)

What is the Page Settings Editor?

The page settings editor is a feature where you can update a page's thumbnail and it's summary.  This will only display on a per page basis based on the page permission settings, you must have edit permission on the page to use the page settings editor.

What is a page summary?

Page summaries are an important part of a user's search and navigation experience.  These summaries will display in search results and inside MindTouch framework article listings.  Summaries are important to the user experience because they explain what the article is about, which helps the user find what they are looking for quicker.

What is a thumbnail?

An article thumbnail is an image you can add to any article that will be leveraged in two different instances. They are used when filtering by page path in GeniusSearch and to display images for your Category guides.

How Do I Use the Page Settings Editor?

There are two different experiences a user can have with the page settings editor when it comes to updating a summary:  

Pages created before the summary editor

The article summary editor will update from the article's previously generated page overview.  You can simply click Update summary, within the editor, for articles that were created before the editor was introduced. Any pages with an overview will automatically have their overview added to the page settings editor. One exception will be any overviews with dekiscript, javascript, css, or global variables added to them.  


After clicking Update summary you will see the editor automatically add the article's summary based on the existing summary of the page.


Migrating old overviews to the new editor

Your MindTouch Dashboard has a Page Summary section that will list pages with the old overviews that need the new page summary format. You can find it by clicking Site Tools then selecting the Dashboard link.


New Page Creation

New pages created after the summary editor has been introduced to your site will obviously need a summary created. You will simply hover over the summary editor and click the Edit icon.

After clicking the edit icon, you can then add your summary then click Save to have the summary displayed wherever the article is referenced.


Automatically show page summary in the page content

If you'd like to have the page summary automatically show in the page itself, add the following DekiScript call to your page:


Updating a Thumbnail

Hover over the thumbnail and select the edit icon.


After you click the edit icon you will see an attachment dialog appear. Then you can either select the browse option to find the image file you would like to attach or drag and drop the image file onto the dialog and the image will be uploaded. The image's full size will display in the page settings editor but will be resized when viewed on category pages or in MindTouch Search. Don't like the image? Hover over it and click the X to remove it from the page.


Resizing an Image

Resizing an image are extremely quick and simple whether you have a Mac or PC, follow these instructions:

Collapsing Page Settings

The default state of page settings is for it to remain open on page load. If you would like page settings to stay collapsed upon page load you just have to add the following to your global variables page. If you set the following variable under the MindTouch object: collapsePageSettings: true.  For example:

let export = {
        mindtouch: {
            collapsePageSettings: true
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