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Update page thumbnails (MT4)

On December 11th, 2014, MindTouch Search will be the default search method within MindTouch 4. With this new interface, there will be some new options for faceted search by Categories and Guides. If you have either customized your site to not utilize the default Category template or if you are trying to update the page thumbnails on a Topic Guide you will not be able to update them through the default template's interface. This document will outline how to add a thumbnail in this case.


Below is an image of a default page thumbnail. 


The following steps will walk you through how to update page thumbnails via the API.

First Step

Upload the image you wish to use as the page thumbnail to the page you wish to update. Note this image can be uploaded anywhere on the site though it is recommended to upload it to the page you plan on using the image as the page thumbnail to ensure that it is unique to that page and will not be mistakenly overwritten. 

Second Step

You will then need to update the page property, mindtouch.idf#product-image, on the page you are adding or updating the page thumbnail. This can be done by using your favorite programming language or by using a web browser plug in like Advanced Rest Client. To accomplish this update, you will need to perform a PUT via the API command /pages/{pageid}/properties. You can read more about accomplishing this API call within our API documentation.

When making the above API call, you'll need to target the following property:


Specifically, you'll need to send a payload of the URL to the updated page thumbnail as "Text/Plain" content type.

Note:  If you receive a 409 Conflict Error you will need to first DELETE the above page property then perform a PUT. When successful, you will receive a 200 Complete response.​

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