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Global Variables and Custom Classifications

Applies to:
All MindTouch Versions
Role required:
Add variables to your content to change the value of a variable and update all references to the variable automatically.

Example of global variables and custom classifications

See below for an example of how to set up global variables with custom classifications.

let export = {
   // Use the 'export' value to define global variable.
   mtproduct:"MindTouch site",
   stag: "classification",
   stags: "classifications",
   stagup: "Classification",
   stagsup: "Classifications",
   // These terms represent common types of users in MindTouch, and are used throughout Overview sections in this site.
   techwriter: "Technical Writers",
   support: "Support Agents",
   sme: "Subject Matter Experts",
   manager: "Content Managers",
   admin: "Site Owners",
   enduser: "Consumers",
   developer: "Developers",
   ticketportalURL: "",
   ticket: "case",
   tickets: "cases",
   ds: {
       web : {
           pre : "web.pre(text) : xml.  Insert pre-formatted text."
       xml : {
           format : "xml.format(doc, style) : str.  Renders the XML document."
       uri : {
           build : ", path, args) : str.  Build a new URI with path and query parameters."
       site : {
           api : "site.api : str.  Returns a string with the site's API uri."

   helpurl: "",
   // Custom Classifications
   mindtouch: {
       customTagsDefinition: [
           prefix: 'complex',
           label: 'Complexity:',
           recursive: false,
           tags: [
               {tag: "beginner", label: "Beginner"},
               {tag: "intermediate", label: "Intermediate"},
               {tag: "advanced", label: "Advanced"}
           prefix: 'version',
           label: 'Version:',
           recursive: false,
           tags: [
               {tag: "tcs", label: "MindTouch TCS"},
               {tag: "mt4", label: "MindTouch 4"},
               {tag: "both", label: "TCS and MT4"}

Make sure as you are adding variables that you take into consideration how the value of the variable fits within the context that you are adding it. Pay special attention if there is any possessive intent within the context of the variable to ensure you have cohesive sentences/content.

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