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Global variable limitations

Changing variable values - search impact

If you update a global variable value, the new value will appear on any page where the variable is used. However, the new value it is not searchable for pages where the variable is used until the page is edited and saved to update the search index. If you need MindTouch to return results for a new variable value, make any edit on the page(s) where the variable is used and save the page.


  • Variable names can include ASCII characters as well as "_" underscore and "$" dollar sign characters. However, a variable name cannot be solely comprised of an "_" underscore and "$" dollar sign character.
  • In addition, variables cannot start with an integer or number (e.g., 1Variable).
  • There are no character length limits for variable names or values.

Global variables and DekiScript

  • Changing a DekiScript function as a global variable will break any DekiScript using that function on your site. 
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