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Edit template details (MT4)

Applies to:
MindTouch 4 (legacy)
Role required:
Edit the template details to modify how the template is accessed along with how it is seen through dialogs like the New Page dialog.

Edit template details

To edit a template's details, perform the following steps:

Navigate to the Templates page

From the navigation bar, click the "Site Tools" drop-down menu and then select "Templates."

Select a template to edit

From the Templates page, scroll to the template you wish to edit, and click "Edit details" to the right of it.

Editing template details

  1. If desired, change the template title. 
  2. If desired, change the description of the template.
  3. 3. Determine the type of your template. If you want your template to appear in the pre-existing choices, label it a "New Page."

Here is an overview of what each template type does:

  • Default: Default templates are surfaced in the editor through the "Insert Template" option.
  • New Page: New Page templates will show in the "New Page" dialog box so a user can create a new page based on the template.
  • Content: Content templates are referenced by other templates for inclusion, but are not surfaced in the "New Page" dialog box. These are useful when referencing a certain component in multiple templates.

4. After you have selected the appropriate template type, click "Update template properties."

NOTE: If you selected "New Page" for the template type, it will take approximately one minute for the new template to show in the "New Page" dialog box.

The edited template will now be available for use in the section it has been assigned to.

Supported Template Types

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