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Edit template properties

Applies to:
MindTouch (current)
Role required:
MindTouch allows you to edit your template properties (the template name, description, or template type) via the dashboard.
  1. Navigate to Site Tools > Dashboard > Site Administration > Template Directory.
  2. Find your template and select the pencil icon.
  3. Update template properties as necessary:
    • Title. Update your template title. 
    • Description. Give a short description of your template to let authors who create new pages know when they should be using the template.
    • Type. Choose the template type.
      • Default templates are referenced by other templates for inclusion but aren't surfaced in the Insert Template dialog or the New page dialog. These are useful when you want to reference a certain component in multiple templates and typically used for more advanced use cases.
      • New Page templates will show in the New page creation dialog so that you can create a new page based on the template. 
      • Content templates are displayed in the editor through the Insert Template option.
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