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Tool Icon Details
Save and Cancel
  • Save saves the page. 
  • Cancel exits out of the editor and abandons any changes you have made.

Who is editing?

Found in the bottom-right corner of your editor. See who else is editing the document you are working on. It refreshes every 5 minutes or you can click "check now" for a live update.


Undo your last action.

Redo your last action.

Select a heading level to apply to the text or select the heading again to fall back to the base level. Each level has its respective formatting that can be controlled at a global level via CSS.
Bold Bold selected text.

Italicize selected text.

Underline selected text.
Text Color

Change the text color for the text that you've selected. 
Background Color

Highlight selected text. 
Remove Format

Remove all of the formatting from the selected content.

Insert/Remove Numbered List

Add or remove a numbered list to your page.
Bulleted List

Add or remove a bulleted list to your page.

Align Left: The selected content is aligned with the left side of the article/column (most used).

Center: The selected content is aligned in the center of your article/column.

Align Right:  The selected content is aligned to the right of your article/column.

Justify: The selected content is aligned to the left and will extend to the right of the article/column. Your words will not wrap.

Increase/Decrease Indentation

Increase or decrease the indent of selected content.


Insert a link into the page.

Insert an image within a MindTouch page. For more information about inserting an image, see add an image.


Embed tables by clicking on the Table icon and selecting the number of rows and columns you want. From there, select Table Properties and apply additional formatting and structure to your table. Right-click the table and change cells, rows and columns. 

For more information about inserting a table, see add and edit tables.

Find and Replace

Find a word or phrase on the page. You can also choose to replace matches of that word with another word(s).
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