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Add a table

MindTouch automatically creates responsive tables when tables are added to a page. Responsive tables ensure your users can access your product data conveniently on any screen without having to scroll sideways on any mobile device. User-friendly viewing encourages engagement and buyer research.

How to add a table to your page

Step 1: Add a table

  1. Open your page in Edit mode.
  2. In the editor, click the Table icon.
  3. Highlight the number of rows and columns you want to appear in your table.


Step 2: Enter data

  1. Click inside a cell to add data. 
  2. Navigate through the cells of your table as you would with any other editor:
  • Click Tab on your keyboard to navigate to the adjacent cell to the right. If you are at the end of a row (to the far right) your cursor will move to the next row below.
  • Use SHIFT+TAB to navigate to the nearest cell to the left. If you are at the beginning of a row (to the far left), your cursor will move to the row above.
  • Use your arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate up, down, left or right to the cells adjacent to where your cursor is.
  1. (Optional) Use the buttons on the toolbar to add text formatting (e.g. font, size, color), links, bullets, and images.

background color.png

To change the background color of a cell, click on the Background Color icon shown above. To change the background for multiple cells, highlight the cells and click the icon.

Step 3: Add or remove rows and columns 

  1. At the top of the table column, click the left or right arrows to add columns to the right or left of the cell respectively. 


  1. Decide that you didn't want that column? Navigate your cursor to the column you want to remove, click the x above the cell and see it gone!


  1. Adding rows works just the same.


  1. And so does adding columns.


What's next?

Now that you have added a table to your page, check out how to edit table properties.

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