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Customize PDFs

Although the MindTouch out-of-the-box styling provides a professional look and feel, you may need to uniquely brand your PDF outputs.

View the default PDF CSS

Before you start modifying your PDF CSS, get insight into the default PDF CSS:

  1. Append the following to your MindTouch site URL: /skins/common/prince.csFor example, you would load the following for your site:https://<your-MindTouch-domain>/skins/common/prince.css
  2. Check for styles you can tweak and modify to fit your own styling.  

Be aware that content: <value> adds information to the PDF.  If the content: <parameter> includes a flow value, then there are elements that are passed to the PDF that cannot be modified, only overridden.

Add your custom PDF CSS

To customize styles, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Site tools > Control panel.
  2. Under Branding, select Custom PDF CSS
  3. Add your own CSS in the Custom PDF CSS text box and click Save.

Added styles must be supported by Prince. View supported styles here. For CSS formatting help, please refer to


  1. To save a CSS file as backup or to work with it on your desktop IDE (integrated development environment), click Export CSS.
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