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Update your YouTube API v3 key (MT4)

Why Do I Need To Upgrade?

Google has deprecated the use of their YouTube API v2 in favor of API v3. API v3 requires an api key in order to search YouTube and return the results which we do in our video dialog.  There are two reasons to set up your API Key, the first would be if you have a custom domain.  That would mean if your deployment does not have "" appended to it.  The second is a less likely scenario and that would be if your deployment does not have a custom domain.  This would mean you would like to use your own API key to take advantage of YouTube analytics data and have a larger preset limit of YouTube requests a day.  MindTouch reserves the right to require you to use a custom API key for your site if your YouTube search traffic is deemed higher than the average site. 

How To Get Your API Key

YouTube has a step by step video which details how to get your API Key.  You can follow this video or follow the steps below the video.  The video contains instructions using the old Google Developers Console while the steps below contain instructions on how to use the new Google Developers Console.  You must be an Administrator of your MindTouch deployment in order to complete these instructions.

First Step

Begin by navigating to first you must be logged in with a Google account.  After logging in you will be prompted to create a project, it can be named anything you would like.  After creating a project you need to enable services by clicking "APIs & auth" then APIs in the left side bar.  You can then find the "YouTube Data API v3" and turn it "On" in order to generate an API key for your deployment.  You can also turn on the "YouTube Analytics API" If you would like to also use YouTube Analytics.  Both times you will be prompted to read and accept the YouTube terms of service.


Second Step

Next you will need to access your API Keys, you'll be using the Public API access (by default you will be provided with 50,000,000 requests a day using Public API access).  To get your API Key you will have to navigate to "Credentials" under "APIs & auth" in the left side bar.  You will then select "Create new Key" under "Public API access" you will then create a "Browser Key".


Third Step

You will then input the URL(s) of the domain(s) you would like to include for the API key.  If I have 2 deployments named and I only have to add * and both deployments will use that API key.  After entering that in you can click "Create" to generate the API Key.


Fourth Step

You can then copy your API Key that was generated and navigate to your MindTouch deployment.  You will then navigate to the Control Panel.  You can do this by clicking "Site Tools" then "Control Panel" in your pro member bar.  You will then click the "Editor" section under "System Settings" in the left side bar of the Control Panel.  You will then paste your API Key in the "YouTube API Key" section and click "Save Changes"


What's next?

After this you have successfully completed adding your new YouTube API Key. You can learn more about the YouTube analytics and determine if it could be a successful tool for your help strategies.

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