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Enable YouTube search in the editor

When adding videos to your pages, MindTouch allows you to conveniently search YouTube videos right from your editor. Enabling this function requires obtaining an API key from the Google Developers Console and storing the API key in the MindTouch control panel.

Why do I need to generate my own API key?

There are two reasons why you may need to generate your API key:

  • You have a custom domain, i.e. your URL does NOT end in  
  • You do not have a custom domain (a less likely scenario) but want to use your own API key to take advantage of YouTube analytics data and want to have a larger preset limit of YouTube requests a day.  

MindTouch reserves the right to require you to use a custom API key for your site if your YouTube search traffic is deemed higher than the average site. 

Set up YouTube search

Part 1: Log in to the Google Developers Console

  1. Log in to or create a Google account.
  2. Navigate to
  3. Click Enable and manage APIs.

  1. In the New project dialog, enter your project name, accept the terms of service and click Create.

  1. Under YouTube APIs, select YouTube Data API.


  1. Click Enable.

Part 2: Create your credentials and API key

  1. Click the Go to credentials button.

  1. Click the API key link in the Credentials dialog.

  1. Select Browser key.

  1. Add a browser key name, optionally add referrers and click Create.

  1. Copy the API key.

Part 3: Add the API key to your editor settings

  1. Navigate to Site toolsControl panel Settings Editor.
  2. Paste the API key into the YouTube API Key field and click Save.

It may take a few minutes before the API settings take effect.

Part 4: Verify YouTube search works

  1. Open a page in Edit mode.
  2. In the editor toolbar, click the video icon.
  3. In the YouTube tab, enter a search in the Video URL text field.
  4. Verify the editor displays YouTube videos results.

Screenshot of YouTube video search in MindTouch editor

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