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Run a user view and search report

Applies to:
All MindTouch Versions
Role required:
The user view and search activity report provide insight into pages viewed and searches executed by any user that has accessed MindTouch.

Why run a user view and search report?

  • To learn what users have searched for and what articles users ended up viewing.
  • To gain a better understanding of user support requests. 
  • To view the activity of other pro members (contact the MindTouch support team to enable).

Access the user view and search report

The following steps detail how to access a specific user's history via our user management tool:

  1. From the MindTouch toolbar select Site tools > Control panel.
  2. Under Users & Groups, select Users.
  3. Filter by Status, User Type or Group to more quickly find your user (or simply scroll till you find the user you are looking for).
  4. Click the Report icon in the Actions column of the user to populate the user's activity report.
  5. The report displays a color key in the upper right-hand corner. Use this key to note the timeline of the most recent 11 pages viewed and search queries entered. The timeline is based on the current date.
  6. The User Viewed section displays a user's 11 most recent pages viewed and files downloaded, as well as the 11 most recent searches performed. Links can be clicked for immediate navigation to the file or page's location.
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