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Pro member roles and permissions

There are six MindTouch roles and associated permissions you can choose to assign to your users and groups.

Which role should I assign to a pro member?

Whether you assign roles globally or grant special permissions on a page, the assignment of roles depends on the structure of your organization, your internal workflows, and on how much access your pro members require.

Only pro members can be assigned global roles or on-page permissions. Community members cannot be assigned roles.

Pro member roles

Roles are additive. Higher roles inherit the abilities of lower roles while also gaining the abilities of their specific role.



  • None: Rare edge case. Not allowed to see or access content, except where specified through page permissions.
  • Viewer: Allowed to see content (except for private content).
  • Draft contributor: Allowed to create and edit drafts of new and existing pages.
  • Author: Permitted to publish drafts.
  • Editor: Allowed to delete pages and restrict other users from accessing pages.
  • Admin: Assign sparingly. This user is omniscient. Allowed full control over content. Pages can never be hidden from this user.

Pro member permissions

When you create a user in the control panel, associated access levels and abilities are applied globally. To allow or restrict users from performing tasks on a specific page, you must set the page to Semi-Public, Semi-Private, or Private and assign the appropriate roles on the page itself. Note that global Admin roles CANNOT be restricted and that Admins assigned on a page-level are NOT granted access to the control panel.

  None Viewer Draft Contributor Author Editor Admin
Log in 
View pages X
Subscribe to pages X
Rate articles X
Provide feedback X
Create drafts X X
Edit drafts X X
Delete drafts X X
Revision history X X
Publish drafts X X X
Create pages X X X
Edit pages X X X
Copy pages X X X
Move pages X X X
Unpublish pages X X X X
Delete pages X X X X
Restrict page access X X X X
Content management reports X X X X
Access control panel X X X X X
View site-wide reports X X X X X
Full site admin  (no restrictions) X X X X X

 The Draft Contributor role is only available on the current version of MindTouch. 

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